Hello and Welcome to My Personal Home Pages.
My site is not dedicated to one particular cause or event,
but rather a collection of things that catch my eye.
I love designing my own pages and working with PSP.
I'm purely addicted, and just can't get enough.
I'm really bad about starting a project, then
abandoning it when I see something new that I like.



I'm a single mom of a special needs childs and
I pretty much have no life.  The computer is my
creative outlet  and I'm usually on it most of the day.
You could call me a SAHM or a WAHM because
I work from home under a telecommuting agreement.



I love flowers, but I'm not a gardener.
I either smother it too death, or I neglect it.
Roses, Hydrangeas, and Magnolias are my favorite.
But nothing beats the smell of gardenias.



Where flowers bloom so does hope.
- Lady Bird Johnson





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Updated:  12/31/2004


Rose Tube:  Backgrounds for Stitchers

Hydrangea Tube:  Silky Smooth Designs

Magnolia Clipart:  Graphic CD I own